Web Development & Design

The web is changing and so is how we are using it. The need for dynamic web content is evergrowing, and Haaheim Dynamic is one of the actors to deliver this type of content. We work mainly with the technologies PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, the JS library jQuery and the JS framework Angular and Ember.

We do things differently in a way that we do not use prebuilt templates for our work, such as wordpress. This is simply for the customer to get a product specifically made for the specifications needed. The products are created from the bottom and up, enabling new, innovative ways to enrich the web.

Most of our design is done in-house, tailoring everything to customer needs; giving them a complete solution. We are also eager to help with the technologies needed for hosting and maintaining web solutions. We create, we design and we deploy.

We also deliver graphical artwork such as branding graphics, poster design and so on. We are versatile in the field of web & design.


Technology Services

With specialication within computers, electronics and media, we can deliver IT and other services. Examples of what we do is repairs for both consumers and industry, consultancies and media conversion.

If you are wondering if we can solve a specific task for you or your company; contact us, and we will see if we can meet your needs.

Product Development

We love new technologies. Thus, we also want to be a driving force in bringing technology forward. With a keen interest of cybernetics and automation, our goal is to in the future being able to deliver systems that work on their own, simplifying everyday tasks and making life easier and more effective.

In the future, projects made public will be available on this site.


Org. number: 997 128 087


Kjetil Haaheim
Email: kjetil@haaheimdynamic.no
Telephone: (+47)91 69 48 19

About Us

Haaheim Dynamic is a small company based in Norway. We mainly focus on design, web development and electronics.